Protect Your Pets From Coyotes

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Less urban and suburban areas are more likely to see coyote attacks especially new developments and areas bordering golf courses and the desert.

Coyotes have in some cases lost some fear of humans and have been known to follow people walking their dogs. Human coyote attacks are very rare. The most common scenario is a backyard attack when the coyotes jump the wall. Small dogs are particularly vulnerable as coyotes tend to avoid large dogs..though it is not unheard of dogs and coyotes seeming to play and tease each other across a wall.

The attack can seem to happen in seconds and usually happens when the pet is let out alone into even a walled in backyard.

Obviously a fair share of dogs are killed by coyote attacks. The severity of the attack varies from case to case. The rule of thumb is that any bite wound attack should be attended to as soon as possible. Bite wounds can cause numerous immediate and delayed complications. Plus, they are extremely painful. And infection is the rule and the sooner the wounds are attended to the lower the risk of life threatening infection and continued damage to the tissues.