Be Careful Around This Cactus

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Some dogs just love to chase anything right into a cactus. There are many types of cactus so the damage can vary but of all the cacti that are the most annoying the JUMPING CHOLLA. These cacti can grow up to 8 feet and are covered with pads of sharp spine that disconnect and grab onto anything that barely rubs up against it. This ease of having the cactus pad attach makes it almost seem like they are jumping out at you.

The attached cactus can be impossible to remove without sedating the pet. Invariably the dog has a mouth full of cacti from a few attempts at trying to chew the cactus off.

Damage will vary..obviously a major concern are eye injuries. It can be very tedious and difficult to find and remove all the cacti…some small shards routinely disappear under the skin and some curve into the skin like hooks. Fortunately, infection is not that common and many of the cacti will work themselves out. But it is not unexpected that the owner may find an occasional cactus needle on their pet after the procedure.

It usually takes at least 2-4 people working sometimes for an hour to remove every single needle. And sometimes the staff goes home with a number of cacti stuck in their skin.