How to "Bee-ware"

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Africanized bees - it is impossible to tell one bee from another so any encounter with a hive or swarm one should always assume that the bees are Africanized. Though their venom per bee may not be more toxic than native bees is there aggressiveness that presents the danger. Swarms sting and do not give up and can cause severe consequences including death. People are attacked many times just while walking their pets.

Obviously seeking shelter and protecting yourself is the only defense. After the attack the pet should be presented to the vet and the bees and stingers removed as they may continue to inject venom..treatment varies on the severity of the case and the reaction of the patient to the numerous stings..fortunately few deaths result but they do happen.

Note:  Africanized honey bees (picture on the right)  look virtually identical to European honey bees (EHB) except for a slight difference in size. AHB are typically about 10% smaller than their counterparts, however, this is subtle and cannot be noticed with the naked eye.

AHB are VERY aggressive