How To Identify A Scorpion Sting

Scorpions have a very painful sting but they are not in general in the phoenix metro are very poisonous. The sting in most cases is no worse than a nasty bee sting and other than a severe allergic reaction or a very small breed dog ..deaths are extremely rare

One scorpion which can be found in the phoenix metro area that is more dangerous is the bark scorpion …fortunately it is not too common. It is more of a problem in the southern part of Arizona and Mexico …the sting will cause uncontrollable trembling and shaking and possibly death..treatment is supportive.

The population density of scorpions varies from area to area and some areas seem to be plagued with them. It is difficult to eradicate scorpions from a property or the source of your house. Prevention relies on controlling insects in your house which are an attractive food source.

Treatment varies from nothing to medications for pain and swelling or rarely supportive therapy.