What You Need To Know About Tick Fever

Tick Fever is caused by the bite of an infected tick. It is caused by and organism called Erhlichia, a bacteria that attacks the blood cells and the bone marrow and can cause problems in other organs.

The major symptoms can be very a specific such as lethargy poor appetite and weight loss. Fever is common but not always present. Occasionally it can affect the platelets that help cot your blood ..so bleeding and bruising and sneezing blood or bloody gums are other possible symptoms.

Blood tests may show low blood cells and low platelets. There is a specific test which is very accurate and reliable. But as with any disease some cases may be difficult to prove

Because of the overlap of symptoms and the results of some blood tests with valley fever, the veterinarian often runs a blood test some people call the Arizona screen which includes the test for both tick and valley fever.

There are a few cases that are very serious but most pets do well. The drug of choice is doxycycline for 3-4 weeks.

Many owners will swear they have never seen a tick on their pet. And they may be right ..they never saw the tick..one reason is that it can take only one tick and that the time from the bite to symptoms can take a long time in some patients.

Prevention is the only thing we can do. There is a plethora of products out there.

NO PRODUCT WILL STOP A TICK FROM ATTACHING TO YOUR DOG. However, most products effectively kill the ticks. There are so many products..but they can be divided into topical or oral. Ask your veterinarian for the best recommendation. Though no medication is without side effects or dangers…these medications are generally well tolerated.